How should I improve the mistake?

2021-08-31 02:02:16 JOE

Hello, I painted a head free from my head. I think the right cheek is too far right. I had thought about it with it as I installed a grin. But how should I do that? ^^


first rather start with baselines such as a circle, a vertical and horizontal means point and a line at the bottom of the circle. All lines are drawn pair of centimeters from circle except the lower part of the vertical line, which is about as long as ½ of the circle. This makes you draw on checkered paper it is still somewhat easier because you could then count the boxes. To draw corresponding facial expression now, I would either put a grin on the line or somewhat down a grin. Eyes are drawn on the centerline (so when the character looks straight forward). Hair ends mostly above the circle and Joa. That was actually lol

have fun continuing to drawEN ✌