Sore throat?

2021-08-31 05:03:10 TOM

Hey people

I have suddenly got sore throat since the afternoon, which are different than usual one-sided and it hurts when swallowing. I was afraid that it could be Corona afterwards a quick test and was negative.
Did someone had the same experiences and might might like a home remedy against sore throat?


Try sage, not as a tea but as plant.

Tymian and hot water, good soups, wet air


Many people currently get inexplicable sore throats u. Puffy lymph nodes. This is a sign that your immune system works in full swing to ward off invaders.

It may be that there is a connection with the vaccinations, since many tell that the sore throats have started directly after contact with a vaccinated.

What you can do: with saline-side gargling Or with chamomile tea.

You can also gurgle with some saltwater. That disinfects.



  1. I know my condolences too good
  2. take LUltswinten
  3. or do an onion and pot in an old fabric diaper and then you're wrapping the rum!

Hope I could help you a bit!
Good improvement