What could be behind?

2021-08-31 05:04:41 LATOYA

For a few days I felt a weakness of the right in the right hand.

(especially noticeable in the hand surface.)

My family doctor was of the opinion that no neurological disease is probably behind.

But that can not be?

Although I suffer from depression paired with an angst of disease, but what else could it be?

(Diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome, MS or other Talked out.)


Your family doctor has let you go without diagnosis.

Go again and ask for a referral to the neurologist and orthopedist, so that the thing can be on the ground.

You can also go to the orthopedist without referral to the orthopedist, please send the specialist to send a report to the family doctor.

The specialist in which you are due to depression is certainly a psychiatrist, some also have the specialist training neurology.

Good improvement for you.


So I would really change the family doctor or go to a specialist because that does not sound good ..!

Have you not moved your hand longer or lately made a lot of sports with your hand?!

Hope I could help you a little bit!

Good luck and good improvement