Are you sensitive?

2021-08-31 06:00:28 TODD

Yes Choose 57%

No Choose 43%


Hello Nicnic100,

I am very sensitive, which is not always good. Of course I am glad that I have a fine sense, but there are situations where I actually wish it, it would be different.

I would not say that I wines quickly. If I touch me something very much, then I cry too.


Although I sometimes have reason to howl, I usually can not cry, though I know that would often be helpful.

It's different if I am eg some touching reading or in a movie see. Some pieces of music can do me the tears in the eyes when they are particularly beautiful.


Is not the same as fast cry ...

You can be very sensitiveL be and still do not start howling right away.


somehow sometimes sometimes. It has been a bit more stable in recent years. But I am, which is sometimes very sensitive.
Whether that's good - no probably not really.


no longer. Sensitive depending on, cry no.

Are you sensitive?