Is my friend a cold collar?

2021-08-31 07:04:19 ERMA

I have been with my friend ZSM for 2 years. He deserves 4 digits, mid 20, soon gets a salary increase (lives with his parents to save for a big car). I currently have no income, am under 20 (student, own apartment).

In the beginning he was caring and often spent one, but I never demanded that. I could spend him until now only 2 times from my saved, where I can hardly afford it.

It started with that he has kept me, I would be ungrateful and he would insist that we always pay separately from now (was buried because I always thanked me when he expedge me Fast Food) .

Then he gave me an outdated second hand for Christmas Casio clock(I have a Wellington watch and had not wanted a watch) was angry when I was grateful and nice told him that unfortunately I could not use the watch and has asked me to wear this clock because he has given himself so difficulty (She had bought on the last pusher ...).

He insulted her backed up and then it was with Christmas (I had bought him a designer focal man and a homemade photo album to the BDay).

There were still discussions about the holiday where he wanted to save unrealistic at all corners, then he gave me a cheap hair dryer to me a cheap hair dryer (went broken) instead of whom I wanted to ...

When we drove away with my car, he offered me to take half of the tank (10 €)And I consented, I said I should not have accepted the offer and I would be (again) as a bar to go to me and does not require any money.

I have the feeling he tries to save on spasmep with me and give me a guilty conscience. If I say to him, I can not spend him, because I have no money he says sarcastically I "poor thing" should look for me a job or my parents ask for money and that I would be stingy (I have a strenuous full time studying when I have Have a mini-job, I would still have a 10 times less money available than he and could not be like he wants to spend).

Now we were in a bar. He said drunk to me, I should not get the idea for us both zu pay (only I had money with, he did not take me my money out of my hands and did the reserved tickets and so as if he had paid the entry for us both, even he gives me the complete money again and now it means he would never have told that and pay me only the rounded amount of his ticket (10 €)

What should that do to do before others as if he would pay everything (with my money) and he says 'I should not demand that he pays both tickets (which I do not do, only he said it ...)

I do not want to start talking about reliability and punctuality ...

What should I do?


That sounds funny. Why is he giving you a clock at all, if you have one? Why does he offer to give Benzingeld, but expects that you reject it?

"4-digit" must not necessarily be a lot, but it does not matter. Decisive is that you can not talk reasonable about money. If you are planning to stay together and at some point to live together, this would be urgently necessary.

It seems to me that the desire for a "thick car" is very far ahead.


Even if it is difficult, waiting for the right moment and talk to your friend about it, everything else makes no sense or you will regret it later.

IMake sure that he wants to save on his dream, a "big car", especially on his dream, a "big car".

Admittedly, 1400 € are not very much to put money for the dream car on the site.

His behavior is wrong, no question, but should you remember that it could only be a phase and your friend could put in a few weeks again completely different priorities.


Money is always such a thing. Of course, this is of course cumbersome if only one of them has an income. Somehow I can understand him because again and again money is a topic and I can understand you but what would you do if you did not have it now? It looks like you are a bit dependent on him.

What should I do?

What do you want with this selfish / empathicular washcloth?

You can do without us.

The boy should not dream of "Great" for him, with its quite low net income, which is disproportionately expensive car, but to face life reality.

Time on the edge - none of my children would "exclude" and make great savings from his income to my loads. Quite simply who is adult, income is achieved accordingly at the family monthly cost.


I have the impression Your friend is immature and pursues unrealistic goals. Instead of breaking down with mid-20 he lives with the parents and SPart on a big car. He is ready to save for a "shock impression" and stood at his relationship with you. 1400 EUR is not a high income, but he probably has little expenses. They come when the cart stands in front of the door. Find it a pity that he assumes expensive gifts from you and to give you only a small budget ready to spend.

Is my friend a cold collar?