What does my cat?

2021-08-31 07:05:16 DIANE

My cat is about 3 months old and he scams a bit funny since yesterday.

It does not eat much, does not have a motivation more when I try to play with him and he only sleeps almost all day. I do not know what to do I have looked on the internet and it was stood from the 3rd month the kittens lose the baby teeth but whether that's the case with mine or what more serious my mother does not want to go to the vet either. I hope I can help or explain what is going on with him.


Hey Viviensmxn!

Cats do not show pain outward, that is, if it is very bad, man has to find out. The best way to talk to your mother about it, because the animal has to go to the vet! Asked for the reason, Why She does not want to go to the vet.

As long as you can examine the cat even something. Of course, that should not be a visit to the vet! Button your cat and look at her in her mouth, in the eyes and ears. If you can find something unusual, it's best to see your mother and maybe she will go to the vet then with you.

LG Lenydiemango


Unfortunately we can not know what your catn has. You have to talk to your mother urgently that you drive to the vet. You can also say if you are sick, she also goes to the doctor with you.

All the best


Cats hide pain instead of showing them So that enemies do not recognize their weakness.

You should go to the veterinarian with your cat.


Surnounced your mother to go to the vet or question someone else.


If an animal is ill, it belongs to a doctor

What does my cat?