Slimming with 14 boys?

2021-08-31 08:03:38 KEN

Hey people. I am 14 boys to us 1.62 tall. I cradle 52kg and wants to lose weight because I got a little belly fat. I want to go FLT on a six pack and if someone knows what I mean that you look at the arm so n few veins and so. How much can I eat the day around quickly but not too fast. What sport or exercise do I have to do and how long does something last. (I have time) I have been leaving everything sweet to drink for a week. That means a lot and only water. Please give good answers.


I congratulate you, you have a normal weight. Are in growth and development and are still growing, so it is important that you feed yourself healthy and vitamin rich and take enough healthy calories to you.

You will still grow, then the "belly fat loses itself "You are talking about.

Make some sports, avoid almost food and you can appreciate you happy.

All the best for you.


Entered data: Boy, 14 years

Size: 162cm

Weight: 52kg

Compared Body Mass Index: 19.81

Your child has normal weight.

BMI table for this age group:

Underweight from a value smaller than:16.48

Lower area of ​​normal weight from a value less than: 17.65

Normal weight in the range of a value of: 19.26

Upper area of ​​normal weight from a value greater than: 21.3

Overweight from a value greater than: 23.72 Bridget The weight is actually no matter. That could be quite small for 14 or 1.62m. Important is: eat a lot, but also very balanced. Much vitamins (fruit, vegetables e.g. a fruits cereal with yogurt for breakfast), at the same time you also need carbohydrates, which is in the form of strength in potatoes or baked goods, for example, there would be a pancake with fruits quite well there. Last, especially since you are a SIxPack wishes proteins very important. It gives up in eggs, lean quark or even in other animal products but also as a dietary supplement. If you want a sixpack, you will increase. That's good weight through muscle mass. And you can increase well. Also loose over 60kg with your weight. At all last: Make endurance sports, like jogging. He helps you burn totally to the belly fat. Then I wish you good luck now. I went like me like you

Slimming with 14 boys?