3g rule in supermarkets?

2021-08-31 09:01:52 JAMIE

How would you find a 3G rule so without corona vaccination or coronatest no right to eat and drink? Good or bad? It was initially discarded the idea but that can change in the future again.

https://www.hna.de/corona-regeln-einkaufs-supermarkt-di-lidl-rewe -Deka-September consumer LT-90948408.html

Bad Choose 93%

Good Choose 7%


In itself, the 3G rule is a good thing, but not when it comes to basic needs such as food that is necessarily covered by a human being . That would not be right.


will not come and that would be a vaccination. Especially since one can not forbid people access to food.


That would be like a vaccination requirement, because food needs everyone.


There is nothing changing, it remains with Gelte right.

Also for masochists who can not be enough.


This "idea" is not feasible because it contributes to the Basic Law. Those who are horny to implement this, would have to be about the reasonLaw over. And hopefully that will not happen. And every citizen, whether measurement advocates or not, would then have the right to act against it, if necessary with violence. But I do not trust the federal government, to enforce something criminals.

3g rule in supermarkets?