I have a very stubborn virus on my PC, how can I get the way?

2021-08-31 09:02:37 JIMMY

I've got a really stubborn virus on my PC since yesterday I have already run 2 anti virus programs and finally clicked on "fix problem". It tells me every time that fix the problem, however, everything remains as before. I can not start any apps anymore (every time an error message is coming: "On the specified device or the path or the file can not be accessed You do not have sufficient permissions to access the item") I can also No hard reset make the virus prevents it

have not found anything on YT etc hope someone can help me :)


You go to a virus-free PC with a USB stick. Install the Stick the Windows installation files and then install WIN New Ink. Deletion of the old partitions.



That's no virus!
Since you just played around the user account and set it!

The simplest way is to reset a previous projection point.

Where all the data is retained and will only be reset at this time. Personal data remain unaffected!

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If you know the name of the virus - you should display the virus program Yes - then you can use a "removal tool" for the virus in the Net downthe. Of course, I would do this from reputable sources! ; -)


In an emergency: Before operating system starts to the BIOS, often press the F11 button repeatedly. Normally there is an option to clean up the hard drives, if you can not / can do that for Windows yourself.

Depending on which motherboard and which BIOS version you have, this is different in the settings to find (or possibly not). There are also enough tutorials on Yourube.

Then you have to reinstall everything. Windows + all drivers.


If you have Windows 10 you do the following:

  1. Secure your important data (Cloud, hard drive, USB stick)
  2. Download Media Creation Tool (if necessary on another PC)
  3. Using USB stick into the PC where you downloaded the Media Creation Tool.
  4. Installation file on the USB stick flashing with the program (simply switches off)
  5. Switch off the virus-infected PC
  6. USB stick in the turned into the off PC
  7. Go to the BIOS (must have You can google how exactly with your PC)
  8. select USB stick as the first boot medium in the BIOS
  9. Start PC and install Windows completely

when installing You delete all partitions, create a new and select it. After that, the virus is 100% off

I have a very stubborn virus on my PC, how can I get the way?