The first time fitness?

2021-08-31 13:02:32 CARLOS

Hi I'm Jay 16 years old and I'm dissatisfied with my body I am in 186 big and cradle around the 100kg and would like to change something with the diet is not a big deal for me and I have often tried but often tried but I would like to try Also in the fitness studio but I just do not trust me because I'm ashamed and I'm mega shy etc and wanted to ask if you have a few tips for me.

I thank all the answers LG Jay


That's shit does not matter. You are looking for inspiration in role models that have already managed what you plan. Every single one begins with the first time in the fitness studio. I think it is considerable if you go to the fitness studio with your young years. Exactly that and nothing else would I think if I would see someone as you describe it in gym. I would think: all respect, in a few years old he has overtaken.
I would initially start with some conditioning training & if you make devices, then always pay attention to a clean design and exactly on your affected muscles. 3-4 sentences and weight so you can do 20 repetitions per sentence. Do not take over, then you stay with joy. Dear more oftenWith fun, as little and too intense.
At some point, the gym is your second home and wellness site that happens faster than you guess!
Maybe you have a friend with whom you can go for the first time.
If you do not look at Insta or YouTube after cool fitness people and deal a bit with the topic so that you can get the most out! You Go King


Why? Why?

100kg are still at 1.86m. If you go to a studio, completely different in there. You are then if you sign up the customer and in the beginning you have a conversation with a coach who asks you for complaints and what you want to achieve. Then a training plan is created, the coach explains the devices andD Fits that you do the exercises correctly. You go to a studio because you want to change something, so do not worry.


Ignorer the others. But if you're too shy, you can just do something from home.


Do not worry about. Your goal is to take off now not to be a model or beauty expert

The people exercising in Gym, if there are no teens, which are just there around their girls to snaps like cool they are and crass they are , Active at the start are, you absolutely appreciate a person like you.

Everyone started small. In addition, those who take Gym seriously focus on their session.

Do you have scHonmal seen the bad latitudes? These are usually the most familiar, friendly and respectful guys all in Gym.

You know exactly how hard your tour build in muscle mass etc. etc. was. It was absolutely no sugar sheep to build her body like a wall.

Motivation, Mindset - The two are difficult to hold, do not create all. For example, I often fails on motivation + mindset.

Do not force it, make it.

The first time fitness?