Who would you choose?

2021-08-31 15:01:05 BLANCA

Baerbock Choose 47%

Scholz Choose 37%

Lashing Choose 17%


Scholz and Lashet fall out for me because their parties have already ruled for the last 8 years and obviously improved nothing. Scholz has fallen into several scandals and has deleted the data on his phone shortly before the committee of inquiry, and should be lovely Chancellor of the Carnival. Lies, silly things and lack of competences are at the agenda.


Although it has neatly dirt on stuck but I still consider it better for the other clowns.

Before Baerbock, I'm a fear of fear because I'm afraid that my life is the same as I wish and imagine with the Greens no longer.



We have not only 3 parties and which you call, make little really meaningful.

The best would be a few years mm in the time government again. Since you have to think about politics, there is a reason why something is needed and then convincing others and deal with their arguments.

In addition, bribery is too expensive for the lobbies.


does not guarantee any of them. I choose the DKP.


Because he is in the CDU. But all 3 are unable. But in reality, however, FDP.

Who would you choose?