2021-08-31 17:00:43 KRISTOPHER

Would you make oral sex for 100 €? I have extreme money groove and I'm really superior because DSS offers really many. 5x a day and I have 500 €

I just do not know if I can emotionally


Why are so many too stupid to read? With you Oralsex not with the others! I do not do anything


If you have doubt, if you manage it emotionally and you often have a strange feeling anyway, I would leave it.

The disgust becomes otherwise you will not go.

It takes a long time until you have freed yourself from such an emergency, but it's worth it. You will be very proud of it, and then no one will have managed to have it.


I just thought about it and think that those who probably do the idea that this is something unpleasant for them and probably from the moment Your body as part of itselfDistance to distract your body only as a tool and means for the purpose. If you have no choice to survive, such concerns are certainly easier to overcome than residents of a rich country with many other ways, but probably associated with greater overcoming.

Therefore, I think that in doubt you'd rather worry about the pleasant feeling of connectedness with your body than to degrade yourself for material amenities to a tool.

There would be something else, would be the sex work even fun and enjoyment, but then you should consider that if you are financially independent.


Apart from ...

That can only be you for youBST decide if that's what is for you and if you come to it

But hopefully you know that this is a normal job now!?
Say you have to sign up, health certificate, taxes pay, etc
Otherwise, it sometimes hails sensitive punishments if you want a bad evil

And I bet: It remains not only when oral and for 100? You have to be quite good and certainly without offering it.


I would try it with work!

I know it sounds strange, but it's worth it!

It retains his dignity

I just do not know if I can emotionally

rewind your thought. Only out of necessity you should not do it. There are better possibleEarn money and in the utmost emergency one asks friends or family for help. You do not want it, you feel forced, because it brings money and that's wrong