Women just want sex and no relationship?

2021-08-31 22:02:48 YOLANDA


I am now 21 and have already had some women. It was always friendship + half to the whole year but not wanted a relationship.

Although everyone has behaved as if feelings in the game have but has only fooled me and then partially tells me if they bothered someone else and how much they realize ...

Why am I only exploited for sex? Even if I'm really troublemaking, pay attention to all your needs, you with personal things surprised, with her if it's bad and you also give it time for you myself it does not work.

I've meanwhile really fear of admitting feelings and would like to feel anything.

Is it tooMuch asks to have the feeling of wanting to be loved?

PS: I know that here I really depressive rumble but I really want to know if I'm wrong



What people are looking for accuracy is greatly individually dependent.

The prejudices "Men want only one", "women always want to marry the same" Can you simply forgot. Do not think so does not believe in it anyway.

My advice in cases like your is always: Wait at least something when connecting to physique. If sexual contact is the basis for a relationship, then that dominates the connection.
How should it go big emotions, if it is primarily about sexual things?
Live what you would like. With a little luck you will find someone who wants to share this.



I think to say whether / what you can do differently, we would have to do much more About you wisSen.
Maybe you had a dahc bad luck with the girls, maybe there are also things that the women are going to get involved more on you, eg mental problems like depression or borderline or, for example, parents who are very strong in your life. . are now just two examples. As I said we do not know you, so we can not give you a proper feedback.

Why did not you ask the women who are missing with you for the love / relationship? They eventually know you and are therefore the only ones who could tell you what it lacks.


Firstly: Save you generalizations.

Second, who wants to be exploited will also.

Third, the times the girls equal to Heimrawant are long vobei. We also want fun.


For me rather different, men want immee only sex, no relationship


Because of this I would like to be needed to sex Wait for the marriage, I do not believe in God and have also escaped from the church but these days are many only on sex ..

Women just want sex and no relationship?