When is you in puberty?

2021-08-31 23:02:13 DELLA

11-12 CHOOSE 73%

12-13 CHOOSE 27%

13-14 CHOOSE 0%


most probably at age.

The puberty begins where the first physical developments show. These are mostly armpit and pubic hair. Girls also breast growth.

The period comes in girls later a while later. First of all, most of a few years already have outflow. By the way, this remains there, even after you had the first period.


is always different from boy to girls and also "within" of the gender. Some girls - and guys - are already with 9 in puberty


guys are often only with 12 in puberty. Girl usually start at the age of 10 years. (Can everything even delay).

Hope ICh could help you.


In girl from the point where you get your period and at guys sperm

can be at the age of 9-13

When is you in puberty?