What can I do with my friend?

2021-08-31 23:05:55 RANDOLPH


Do you have TIPs what I can do with my friend? I've gave him blowjob and a handjob and he fingered and licked me. We make everything out of sex.


There is something that is called yes-no-maybe lists. These are lists that contain a number of different statements regarding sex practices and the like, which can be able to answer both partners separately from each other with yes, no or maybe perhaps compare. So you can find out what both like both and under what conditions or in which situation one wants to do the "maybe" things.

On the Internet you will find many different lists, in German or English (in English, you are called yes-no-maybe lists). These here I find e.g. quite good because they also respond to other things than just sexual practices.

Maybe it will help you.


goes to different places


learn for the school. Learning and Ishallah gets out of you what now it looks shit.


Go to the fresh air with your friend!


Learn together for the school. You are only 13

What can I do with my friend?