Death Note Summary?

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Can someone give me a brief summary of the complete Death Note series? I wanted to tell someone tonight tonight, just not get all together anymore. If you can give a summary in key points should also help.


(Death Note is a Manga series, which from 2003 to 2006 according to a history of Tsugumi ōba of Japanese Draftsman Takeshi Obata was drawn. = It is from the student Light Yagami , with a found notebook - the Death Note - other people can kill. This ability sets it to implement its justice ideal and not only triggers a change in society, but also investigations of the police against him. The investigations become the intellectual duel between Light and the Providers, in particular the detectives L and Near .

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  • It is from the student Light Yagami, which can kill other people with a found book - the
  • Death Note
  • . This ability sets in to to implement his justice ideal, not only a change in society, but also investigations of the police against him
  • Ashley
  • Light Yagami finds Notie's book (
  • DeenThnote
  • )
  • Who he writing the name of a person and constructs his face, the person dies within 40 seconds (whom in the time no cause of death dies the person dies through heart failure)
  • Times briefly briefly stunks of the action (
  • Attention Spoiler !!!!!)
  • Light meets Ryuk
  • Light ErfurFrom L
  • Light learns L know
  • There is a 2nd Kira (MISA)
  • Light meets Misa and her Shinigamie

Misa admits Light her love

Misa will be arrested by L because of the suspicion of Kira

Light deletes his memories to Death Note

Light determines against Kira He himself Light cred his memories

Misa's Shinigamie kills L and dies himself

L has successor

Light is penalized by L's successor as Kira

Ryuk kills Light (with his Death Note)

Can be that I forget something and the purity is not quite right. Wuht meicht This video should help you Death Note in 35 minutes / Lucia It's about a very intelligent student called Light Yagami The one notebook finds what the Death Note calls with which it is possible to kill people. This Death Note he uses to change the whole world which succeeds him gradually. But he has drawn the attention of the best detective of the world that is known under name L. L tries to determine him with the help of the police and to determine because he thinks that what Light Yagami is doing evil. Clarence Light Yagami = Book Found = Bad Types Walk = Feeled Spec Ops detectives try to grasp him.

Death Note Summary?