How to have sex outside?

2021-09-01 02:07:03 RACHAEL

I want to have sex outside but where can I do it and what positions would work


With a subclosed blanket, this is based on every reasonably dry meadow. At night, empty bus houses are also available. Depending on the need for discretion you are looking for a more or less hidden place for this. In the middle of the pedestrian zone, there is certainly trouble.

At positions almost everything we go in a bed. But you do not have to surrender outside the whole Kamasutra.


Take a blanket as a base, looking for a not visible and then fun.

Positions do you have to look Convenience


About all ... Mostly riding ...

I prefer outdoor always on the Rhine ....


Like inside;)

ItFunctional all positions indoors like outside.

Have fun with it.


in every ... EVTL ne ceiling as a base if you like

How to have sex outside?