What is real friendship?

2021-09-01 04:02:11 TERRI

I do not necessarily need a detailed answer. I want to hear many different opinions So please write what you think personally. Of course, more extensive answers are also welcome.


Real friendship shows itself after it has been poorly to one itself.

Empathy, loyalty, helpfulness, have an open ear, understanding, keeping the macking of the other, bad times By standing through together.

A really friendship consists of giving and take and is not a one-way street.


A real friendship is ......

If you are there for each other if aid is needed. If you listen to his friend without stupid comments. If you say that you have no time and can not wait and then has a stupid excuse.

And much more.


When I'm fine and I celebrate successes, many people come around withto celebrate. But that's not all friends for a long time. There are also some paragraphs and even food.

If I'm feeling sick, I'm depressed and I do not want to succeed, some people come to donate me to me and stop me.

But That too are not all friends. There are also people who have a helper syndrome.

The intersection are my friends. People share the joy and suffering with me.


This is quite good:

• A friend is the one who comes in When the Whole World Has Gone Out.

• The Best Child Of Friend is the One You Could Sit On a Porch With, Never Saying a Word, And Walk Away Feeling Like That What The Best Conversation You've Had.

• IT IS THE FRIENDS YOU CANCall Up at 4 A.M. That Matter

• A True Friend Reaches for Your Hand and Touches Your Heart.

• A Friend is Someone Who Is There for You Whale He'd Rather Be Somewhere Else.

• A Friend in Need is a friend Indeed.


Dewey Trust, understand each other, time, humor, experiences and the thick thread of the mind with each other Connects with the person.

What is real friendship?