Is it sexist if he does not sleep me?

2021-09-01 08:07:24 DENISE

He dismissed me and I hate him from the deepest heart. I think he is a sexist because he expects me that I am good. But not all women are pretty, so I'm not bad in bed. Or?


Even if the type would be sexist or superficially or stupid, he still has his right to refuse sex - and you are not entitled to sex with him, no matter how well you looks or how good you Both in bed. That's why you should not make a drama from a basket. For me personally, it would be oblique anyway, as quota-ugly stalking, so that someone does not occur sexist / superficy.


Nope, one sleeps with that or with that you feel like it Has. You do not have to explain that either.

I understand that a touch meets. But this is to be accepted without a childish gets without having to beat and writes from hatred. Why too? That's his right as yours is.


That has nothing to tune with sexism. Everyone has a right to select partners in their individual preferences, the gender does not matter.


Not every man wants sex just because the woman wants. You hardly believe it but also for men sometimes need more than just the legs. Just as you could think him you believe you are to every man


Would you jump into the box with everyone? No? Then you understand him may now.

Is it sexist if he does not sleep me?