Throw it away?

2021-09-01 08:09:27 ANNETTE

So I have pork schnitzel in the fridge for two days. Now I notice that the refrigerator is not really cold. The schnitzel I would make in the pan and completely carefully. Is that ok or should I rather throw away?


Roast & eat I would not anymore. Maybe you could make yourself popular with these meat lobes in a coveted dog-owned woman (in the block or neighborhood).


It would be very risky meat should generally never be more than half an hour uncooled . Already after a few hours, it changed taste / color and is sourced as far as it can be infested after a day of flying. Nagut It was in the refrigerator so the latter probably does not risk do not risk it.


smelling and trust your senses. Many are much too scared today ... If the refrigerator did not degree room temperature and smells the meat normal, I would prepare it.


I would not eat that Merh. If botulism bacteria have already produced poison in it, you can not cook the M.E.


Better go to number safely and do it away.

However, I am not an expert with such stuff

Throw it away?