How many plates do you have in your kitchen cabinets?

2021-09-01 09:01:39 BERTHA

So I was recently pulled in my first own apartment. I only have 2 big flat dishes. I have not needed more until now.

How many plates do you have?

10 - 20 Tellers Choose 38%

25 - 50 Tellers Choose 38%

5 - 10 Tellers Choose 13%

More than 50 plates Choose 13%

0 - 5 Tellers Choose 0%


About 4 large plates, 4 small, 4 depths. Then another spare plate almost (from my last relationship), also again 4 plates, but I do not really use it.


I have a complete service consisting of six large flat dishes , Supplers, cake telephones, cups and saucers and 2 salad bowls, serving plate, coffee pot, sugar bowl and milk jug. Also 2 more large flat plates and another soup plate.


6 of each species

Although we are only two, but since we have to have a dishwasher The dishes sufficient for several days until the machine is hooked full


UPPs wrongly crossed, because the FEld Grade has moved ^^

I have a large tableware with 12 large, 12 deep and 12 cakes plates. 12 small bowls. And various other plates and bowls and something. So a lot ^^


I had 12 plates each sort.

Large and small bowls, plates, caffe service, etc.

But some parts have broken me.

How many plates do you have in your kitchen cabinets?