God is there because everything can not be a coincidence?

2021-09-01 13:03:17 ROSA

Moin is not believer but mostly believers say to me that they believe in God because all that can not be a coincidence. What is this all that makes it so special that it has to give a God?


Well that's all your existence.

It's a miracle that there is something like us. An accumulation of atoms which occurred at some point their first cell and has developed so far until they were created. And that turns a giant pile of metals and dirt around a much larger pile of hydrogen and turning around a gigantic black hole, with billions of other stars and that in turn is only one of many.

It's so much coincidence that you live the some thing for a divine work.

In fact, it is not quite a coincidence, in an unlimited amount of universes.

infinite universes = unlimited possibilities.

Somewhere vll still lives likeYou, only with butt where your face is now.



Cases are available, you hardly believe that.

Well, it is an explanation for inexplicable incidents.

And if simple people can not explain something, then the faith helps a supernatural being that everything has everything in the hand.

Of course, there are also conspiracy theorists who push that on any tarry.

Every case, more intelligent people helps to control the rest and keep them under control. Anyway.

Believes people, believes!

But makes your eyes on that our creation does not stand out as an environmental designer.



This random argumNT personally never convinced me, although I am faithful. For me most understandable, this argument works for the question, why anything is and not nothing, or to why I exist and realize myself as well as a moral dimension of my actions perceive. Or that one sees a zirking closure in the anthropic principle. So I can rather start something, but that is less the general view.


The faith answers all the questions you can not answer otherwise. In the past one knew much less, you did not even know what's behind the oceans. Nowadays many people are no longer believers because many questions have already been answered ...

But still manyGood values ​​mediated in religions e.g. Charity etc. This is always up to date. You should not take it too seriously and to literally what I. In the Bible, because many years ago was written 2000 years ago, but still amazing the many topics are still up to date. I find religion rather so a kind of knig like how to behave in life in life, many religions are also identical.


So I'm not believed, but assume that everything in the universe is meant with everything.

God is there because everything can not be a coincidence?