Why do so many at 11 - 14 years talk about alcohol, smoking, drugs ...?

2021-09-01 13:04:02 MABEL

No matter where and when, everywhere you hear from 11 -14 year olds who talk about alcohol, smoking and drugs, etc ... they even take it at this young years.

Why is it talking about it with such a young age? I find it somehow not normal - everyone will be like that and you hardly know anyone who does not talk about it or do something like that ...

Of course, I did not mind, but I think it's really blatant in this age range 11 to 14.


So I am 14, in the 9th and with us there is none of much smoked or drugs taking. You talk about it, but it does not take it. A beer every now and then but has never been so extraordinary for our age. Parties without alcohol are boring .. But there is no strong stuff, only beer or (sometimes) wine


Well, you want to relax relaxed for fun etc. His young years Therefore, none of the fun prevention should be enjoyed.


It is not normal, but that's the problem of today's society. The children are based on adults and the media. And there is a majority of adults and media as a preamble, drugs and sex vertebratesPern find the children and pubertarians of course Mega Cool.

It is sold so. Terrible What is there for "role models" nowadays.

from 1:28

"with fourteen what to take, which fucks the head is okay, if I have in the districts rumfahr ', see' I the problem, it's not, who we are brother, it's what characterizes us, listen to little kids from drugs, is normality, in front of family or friends is the Audemars Piguet, and many people say there is none and 'Many too, but also have given up in their system "

from 0:19

" This world is divided into winners and Loser, between Deichmann, Victory and Thrasher, Louis, Fendi, Fila ... between worn clothes of siblings RocKen, and seventy euros for pair of Gucci socks "


is normal to talk about it. My class always listened to our cool teacher about his stories and talked about cigarettes (or as we called it, Tschick) and wanted, I believe, just enlighten, but make the lessons exciting at the same time.


It has always been like that today it is popularity and more open today through musical influence and general media

Why do so many at 11 - 14 years talk about alcohol, smoking, drugs ...?