Can it be that Germany is attacked by bombs?

2021-09-01 14:01:27 WILLARD

I just woke up from a nightmare and can not calm me down. I'm so scared that Germany is seized by bombs a and it goes with us as in Afghanistan or other so war countries where people have to flee because everything is bombed. Do not get out of me anymore, so scared. Do you think that can really happen soon?


Hello! As long as there is a crucial position people like Kim / North Korea, Narcissists like Trump and Fanatic organization can unfortunately happen almost everything

Unfortunately we have to live, nice day


Extremely unlikely!

  • Germany has a strong Bundeswehr.
  • Germany has a very high reputation worldwide.
  • Germany is very diplomatic and considered foreign policy.
  • Germany no longer has other states than enemies.

Do not worry! :)


This was now over 75 years ago. Currently, Germany is "bombing" and it is not a scenario in view that this will change in the next decades.


rather not, but it can not harm at least one theoretically plan B.


Calm down that was only one Dream. And yes, it could already come, but we do not hope. I'm not going to go to war.

Can it be that Germany is attacked by bombs?