What do you do if you are alone at home?

2021-09-01 16:01:51 FRANKLIN

So if I'm alone at home, I only run around in jogging clothes, have the TV and always look in between
Sometimes I'll turn something up and run around in the living room, turn on the radio, dance around and sing with and do so as if I were talking to other people (but I'm always talking as they are in typical American series, because I sometimes imagine that my life would be such a series)
and now and then I'm secretive to the Spar or Billa (both are in town in town) and buy chips and the eat me then comfortably at home in front of the TV, because if I am alone at home, no one gets over that I get any unhealthy eating and then nobody racing haha ​​

These are so the things I mostlyIf I'm alone at home

from time to time with friends Telen, Skypen or Sims3, but mostly simply watch television and in front of the TV and definitely have an imaginary multi-person conversation

and You?


The same as you, only I'm already 28 haha ​​

My best friend thought recently that I should visit the psychologist when I told her with the self-talks Haha

otherwise, yes pretty much the same as you listen to the music, I only hear about driving music, at home I prefer to relax and belongs for me much more tv and no music. Music is the opposite of relaxation for me. Music is rather motivation and cheerful for me.

Television always serves to relax. I like to see very much when I am at home, which is not often the case, then television is actually my main occupation.


I read, watch movies, listen according to MusiK, lounger in bed, lazing, eating what (even unhealthy stuff), write with friends etc. I just keep what my parents do not allow me for me or what I have time for me.


gambling, listening to music, serials or films, etc.


I usually hear music. That's the biggest. I cook and drink a bottle of wine.


I do that with the self-talks too, and also like in American series ...?! I thought I was really the only one ... otherwise I'm on the PC or practicing the piano, but then but later I would have practiced and the songs would just go so easily from the fingers ...

What do you do if you are alone at home?