How much grade bread dough go in the oven?

2021-09-01 23:05:37 ELIAS


If a bread wants to bake, the bread dough must go, but I wanted to put it in the oven, since the heater is not yet held, so a bowl on the heater fails. How much do I imagine that best? And best top and bottom heat - right?

Thank you!


There are cold-guided and warmed doughs. Warmly guided doughs are back faster. Cold-guided doughs you can sometimes even get up in the refrigerator, the advantage lies flavor and in the wholesale.

You can do the dough in the room, which then only takes a little longer than usual. If you want to put the dough in the oven, then choose the smallest temperature and leave the oven door.


So the ideal temperature for yeast is so at 30 degrees, the smallest Temperature I would take there. Must take care because higher temperatures for yeast is not good that can be 'die'


Maximum 30 degrees.

Lower temperatures are ANo problem either.

At times I have left my bread at +5 degrees.

How much grade bread dough go in the oven?