Nazis on the moon?

2021-09-02 00:02:05 KRISTY

Could Nazis really live on the moon? Sounds very absurdly but it is not really excluded? I mean there were already missiles the V1 and V2, yes it is right the V 2 and V1 was equipped with explosive heads and fired on England and were not intended for passing passport. But it would completely rich the rocket to expand something. I gave my missiles that is the fact that would be the hardest way to come to the moon.


Current: All neo-Nazis "live on the moon."

History: Wernher v. Braun, the father of the V2 and V2, with the immense Financial and Technology Potence of the USA in the post-war period still needed several years to expand its V2 accordingly. The Saturn V finally has brought man to the moon. Google times a little. The story is really interesting.


Remove the rocket? This is the size comparison between the V2 (the V1 was not a rocket!) And the Saturn 5th and thus 2 people could live a few days on the moon, not permanent.

Why are the Wright Brothers in 1903 did not flown over the Atlantic Ocean? They only had their flyersAS must remove ...

Nazis on the moon?