To keep up for sex?

2021-09-02 00:02:39 KENT

So, I'm M14 and have such a problem !: / I'm afraid of getting too early later. When I am currently mastubiers I can make it for 1 min when I have a porn and gas. Otherwise I can manage it for 2 min.
Without without porn I can do it if I do not think about 10 min but then must change times in between or other hand. Do you hold if you're a bit older, for example, 17 longer?
I have a great girlfriend but very scared that we want us our first time with 17 we are rather so the "reasonable couple" just afraid that she then goes because she comes to the climax and because of which someone else is looking for because She wants it. I think she is net that the oral traffic would like: /


The first time is what is the right overvalued. Many come either very early or need long or do not come. This is completely normal.

As soon as you get used to sex and is not so nervous, etc., this is possible.


  1. It is perfect Normal that you come faster than "role models" in porn etc. The whole needs exercise and over time you will acquire different techniques and learn more and more.
  2. There are enough other ways to bring your girlfriend to orgasm. It is only important that you also carefully pay attention to your girlfriend feels your fun and did not feel left left.

I as a woman can tell you the lastIt is much more important than you go through a long time.


Do not make such a head because of that. I have already experienced that and did not clear the man. And the first time it's not normal anyway that not everything is going as you have painted up, so no fear.


I'm always very fast and I'm already M18. So do not worry about it. Since I had no sex yet. I can not tell you it, but Ichbebe also really shit without girlfriend. So you are not alone.