What do you think if you see the picture?

2021-09-02 05:00:33 DARLA

(I ask for interest in which people think about it)


The outfit would have a background of more in contrast being better fit. In addition, this groove botheres in the ground and generally the picture is photographed diagonally. Otherwise, like others, color combination was just very dark.


a bit more color could be, or the hair even gaudy dye, then it would be good


I think black nail polish would have fitted better, but otherwise the outfit is good.


The hair color fits zero, but otherwise it looks cool


Great, it could be a little more color. Maybe the top could have been a different color (yellow, red). The young man has a good taste for his clothes heAlso publicly wears. There would be much more guys to wear something like that.

What do you think if you see the picture?