Why is the orgasm better if you think of a pretty person?

2021-09-02 05:00:53 VICKIE

Why is the orgasm better if you think or see a pretty person? Or if you sleep with a pretty person?

Since it goes about love


Whether your guess is correct, you take on, but I'm not quite sure, because for the intensity of feelings, a whole series of factors are responsible, which are sometimes of physiological nature (ie depending on the hormonal situation or the period of time since the last sexual activity), furthermore fearless, the entire foreign conditions with their sounds and odors. In addition, the previous experience with the partner concerned play a major role, so if they were very pleasurable and satisfying, then a repeated encounter is already well preconditioned.

But set, you have right with your presumption, then left Of course, lead evolutionary biological arguments. The attractivePartner was always the ones who had the good body propositions that was teen and fresh, which showed a lively emotionality and the passionately reflected the erotic rapprochement of their lover. It is only understandable that his erotic desire was more pronounced and that the orgasm was finally the orgasm with greater passion and intensity.


is not necessarily so.


Good question but I have never got and will never have with a person sex that I do not find it pretty or love, otherwise that would only be corrosive. Quasi a steak against a 5 minute terine.


testifies that you do not get a pretty. There is only the enclosed with a fatN, sluggish, furry earth hummet. You will never catch the fleet bee. As a drone no chance. (That's a beekeeper language!)

Why is the orgasm better if you think of a pretty person?