Bus driver brakes with me for the 2nd time? (harassed)?

2021-09-02 05:03:02 DEANNA

The first time I have nothing happened to myself. So now suits me. This time I've been waiting until the bus stopped at the holding spot. Only then I stood up and then he pushes extra exactly where I get up (although the bus already stood) on the pedal on it think brake or something). And the bus tilts strongly forward so that I bombed against the iron. I was so sauer .. I saw him again saw him again and he just stared at me like a crazy.

Was to hell is that from that! ??????? It was 100% purpose of the bus already invited where I raise up the full force to the front.

Where can I complain and I speak it next time I'm so angry and how do I find the name of the out

the passieBut the 2th time ??? And although the bus already stood and only when I got up ?? !!! conicidence? I do not believe !!!!!!


When traveling to the brake during a standing vehicle, nothing happens .... Nothing.

I suspect the bus had a tilt technique for comfortable and boarding, while the bus lowers the entry page.

The driver can not do anything when you bother somewhere.


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