Psychotherapist does not wear a mask what to do?

2021-09-02 07:02:10 STELLA

For about 6 weeks I am in a therapy. But my therapist does not wear a mask. We sit 3 meters apart. But do therapists have any exception?
It's important to me that she wears a mask, but it's extremely unpleasant to say that ...



If it is unpleasant (rightly!), You have to address it, otherwise nothing will change. Possibly also ventilate.



But therapists have any exception?

Yes. If a therapist believes that it could damage the therapy progress to carry masks, it can exclude both you and yourself of any mask places.

That this condition is fulfilled is very rare, is very rare, practically one can However, all sorts together.

It looks openly open.


Tell me, otherwise nothing will change. However, 3M really spaced enough.

Ultimately, you may not forget that you are the houseRReally and it is your decision.


Talk to you, that does not need to be unpleasant.


3 meters really rich This is also a lot more than the recommended minimum distance. You can ask them to wear a mask. However, it does not have to do it.

Psychotherapist does not wear a mask what to do?