When bothered?

2021-09-02 10:02:11 CHARLIE

Hey I have the following problem because I have now turned to good references

I w (14) and my girlfriend (13) were caught earlier with myself with each other, that's mega unpleasant now because my little brother ( 13) In doing so, and we have seen while she lay on me and we massaged each other's breasts and touched us on the butt. I just do not know now as I want to deal with this situation above all as I should now tell my little brother that me and my girlfriend just wanted to try something together. I am mega overwhelmed with the situation. I and my girlfriend then immediately pulled the blanket in front of us but my brother has seen us both naked naked (except our panties we hadBoth at). I and she wanted to kiss us at the beginning but then it was more than just that. Actually, we both stand on guys So Hetero but we just wanted to try it out of fun because she did not stay with me every time.

Would be mega lovely if you could help me what I should do please only serious answers, and yes I know that you can not have sex with 13, we did not have both of us, we are not ready we have only "rompmacht"


You could just say nothing you were embarrassing your brother and your girlfriend.

Tell your brother times that he should knock or complete the door. You could tell him that you come back next time when visiting. Wish you good luck and fun✊