While the first time rummages will be intimate?

2021-09-02 12:01:46 DARYL


I had my first kiss with tongue today and after some time it was also pretty "wild" to the point (Hahaha)

He has stopped me on it and Has slowly pushed a hand continued under my pants (to my po yk?).

And then he stopped Iwie starting to move so forward and back and so much with my crotch on his ***** grated. At some point I've just done it from me and he has always pressed me on my butt and printed it out of it. (I also felt a real "curvature" on his pants)

He just started moaning so as little as a bit and somehow was so fast and suddenly did not suddenly.

-hat he an orgAsmus or so?

When he was finished, we have stopped again and his hand was suddenly walking in my pants in my pants and he has stopped me to be ******* en ,

-War this for the "first time" too much or too fast?


Whether it's too much or too little, you have to decide. Everyone has a different opinion but on the end of what is right for you. Just as you described it, he had an orgasm.


If it was both beautiful for you, it was not too fast and not too slow. Just do what you like


It's just passing.
Have you enjoyed it?
He had his fun, you have to get that too!

Satisfy him .. He also makes it with you ☺️


You should get used to talk to people. Then he would have liked to answer that better than each of us.

While the first time rummages will be intimate?