First time with a boy?

2021-09-02 13:06:38 RENEE

(Me 17) if I want to have sex with my friend for the first time, what do I have to consider? How do I do it right and what positions are appropriate?


Above all, it is important that you take it slowly. You both should be able to feel comfortable with everything you are doing and do not put under pressure, or to force my to something. In any case use condoms! A condom-compatible lubricant (silicone-based or water-based) is mandatory.
The preliminary game is very important. Since the anus is very tight, this should be stretched with sex toys, or carefully stretched with the fingers. Avoid lace stuff.
When penetrating, the passive must be relaxed and must not cramp. The legs should be as far apart as possible. A short excavation pain when penetrating is normal, but usually goes away quickly. To reduce this, the prelude is important. There isBut also special stunning sprays, if one is too sensitive. The active must be careful and definitely use lubricants. Do something slower at the beginning and none if any if it tries to penetrate if it's not possible.
If something does not fit, or you have pain that you do not stand, then rather say and cancel.


Standing does not matter. But it would be practical if you can see the face (the facial expressions) of the other.

  • Before Rinse
  • Do not forget Condoms
  • Use a lot of lubricants
Safe-Word set, or secure that again and again breaks in ( Slow!) To penetrate so that you get used to it.


Then you can not do anything wrong, makes you both liked and everything is fine. Learning Bye doing.

First time with a boy?