What found pedophiler on a child so appealing?

2021-09-02 16:01:09 NORMAN

Suppose girls. Many men are on big boobs and at a girl is there nothing. Why does a flat chest of pedophile promise people, for example? Can not understand that at all. Thanks for your effort


I think if you are sexually frustrated and do not get anyone at his age, sometimes people then develop a sexual preference on younger and since children are neither warding out nor so very own thinking about saying no Children The only ones with whom they can sleep in their opinion what makes them attractive


I appreciate it could be on 2 aspects.

Hypothesis 1: You will find the absence Sexual development is therefore good, because it symbolizes a certain purity

Hypothesis 2: They are rather gay, and therefore may be missing.


Can sexual attraction really " Understand '?
Of course you can argue from the head: "Evolution is' interested' to forTplanation and adult women have physical characteristics that signal their potential gainful capability ... etc. "." But
But do not understand a heterosexual attraction on the psychic level? I do not think so ... It's just just like that that the predominant (heterosexual) orientation is due to genetic embossing.
And just as there are a number of other sexual orientations.
If you do not have themselves, then you can not really 'understand them.


There are also not pedophiles that stand on small breasts, everyone has their own taste and in some cases this personal taste has unpleasant paths.


Some also feel from animals ODHe attracted objects. It is like it is. There is no explanation or cause research.

You just find XXX beautiful / attractive. End.

What found pedophiler on a child so appealing?