Ally German-Soviet War (1941-1945)?

2021-09-02 21:03:08 LUCAS

Hello, was there someone who supported the Soviet Union with troops? As far as I know, only the US has supported her with weapons, etc. but not with troops, or is that wrong?


The US with weapons, 1943 and 1944 also with bomber associations, but were again deducted because of political frictions of the two states

England has also delivered weapons and military adviser.

Germany was supported by Romania, as well as a small Spanish legion, an Italian Legion, as well as Finland, which changed the pages in 1944.


Now at the end of the war, for example, the Romanians changed the page. And I can well imagine that Bulgarians and Hungary overflowed. Otherwise, the Yugoslav partisans under Tito. But this happened everything 44/45. There were still the Poles. In total, a army from Poland in the Soviet Union were founded twice. The first army under differentThen came to the weservous over detours The other has fought side by side with the Red Army. However, the ratio was very tense, that was, for example, that it would have had much more officers who wanted to integrate from Soviet prisoner of war into these armies. The problem. The Soviet Union shot 20,000 Polish officers. And this matter wanted to keep Stalin secret. The Germans have discovered the corpses of Poles during the war, and brought to the public. Stalin has claimed that these are just lies and the Germans are the true murderers. The Polish exile government in London wanted an independent investigation but Churchill did not want to keep that upright to the Alliance with Stalin. Another time was eS Voltages between Poland and Soviet during the Warsaw uprising. The Poles in the Red Army wanted to hurry the AK soldiers for help. But they were allowed too late and they did not have the equipment for it.

Ah and the Finns have changed the sides towards the end of the war and fought with the Red Army. However, anything but willing.


So my knowledge, only the Red Army acted on the Eastern Front, no US troops. They only landed in Italy and Normandy, France.



Ally German-Soviet War (1941-1945)?