Are the demands of the unions often coated?

2021-09-02 22:01:22 SHELLY

Strike well and beautiful - but you can also exaggerate it. I would be interested in the general tenor using the example of the union of the train operators:

Do you find that the union of the train operators exaggerates with their claims and their non-existent discussion?

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It's not just about wages and working conditions, but also to power conditions and the fight for eye level. Where "corporate" unions promote the company interests against the interests of employees, there is a deflection that leads to a countermovement.

Where strikes take place, there are still others who need to accept restrictions. For those who absolutely want to go on vacation or otherwise dependent on the railway, the displeasure is stronger than the understanding that, for example, train operators do not want to be the hanswurst of the nation.

Something similar can be found if, for example Sales personnel or hospital staff is striking. There are always many who do not do that for such a thingUnderstanding, but all the more understanding when it is a strike of your own industry.


GDL calls a tariff increase by 1.4 percent in 2021 and 1.8 percent 2022 and a corona premium of 600 euros.

Very seriously ... I think that does not cover that at all and do not understand why the train has been so escalating. The first strikes could certainly have been prevented if the train had also been taken a little to the GDL.

Lastings you always meet somewhere in the "center" and both sides are satisfied.

Much worse, I find demands from Verdi, sometimes demanding 15% or more. That's always somewhere about reality.


No, actually not.

But the problem is another: The wanted inflation!

Permanent price increases attract wage increase claims, logical.

These then draw renewed price increases as well as logical.

This non-ending spiral is everywhere the actual root of evil! Equestrian, if what is retained over decades, the income shears continues to retire: these unspeakable percentage increases! It should finally be aimed at really equal elevations by making a same amount for all e.g. 50 € calls. Then it would really be equal treatment, because a percentage on the different wages just automatically for everyone according to the previous wage a lastlicH other nominal elevation means! Wage increases in% are unfair, logical.


generally not, it's just two negotiation parties. Both have means and paths to exercise power. The unions are primarily the means of strike.


Demands are not coated

or. must be coated ... so the ritual ... the one represents demands ... the other says no and jammed ... one strikes and finally agrees somewhere in the middle ...

the whole thing could end the employer side (!) with a reasonable offer

Are the demands of the unions often coated?