Why are you mixing yourself so much in our lives?

2021-09-02 23:05:52 ANGELO

The parents of my husband are helicopter parents. Although he's already in the mid-feet, you want to see bank statements, and most likely want the entire family sitting together in the garden every weekend. In the past, they also called for the house phone several times a day. And where he has not reported a week they are without questions in the apartment although we were grade naked to go .. (that was very unpleasant).

When I got to know him and loved it, he lived Only 2,5km from the parents' house.
The apartment was a breakage (in a catastrophic state). So we moved 50km far away. His mother then turned through, and his sister just meant how they want to move the move and shook his head.

It was just justBut we made the move !! We are very proud of this.

At that time, his daddy has always made his tax return. But at some point, he apparently no longer handed him anymore and R wanted to see bank statements and coach and have an overview of everything (who are probably afraid that they do not belong to it).

Why are they attached so? Both are already over 70 and pension. Today, the mother rarely calls on. And if we are visiting she cries every time we live so far away


He has to lead a clarifying conversation with the two. You just go to the apartment is an absolute Nogo. There would be the key at the latest. Not at all. Somewhere are also limits. I was in a similar situation with an overgrown grandma. We just stayed naked sitting on the sofa, where it has been barabted for 2 minutes and is off. After that, rest had been.


Why do you mix yourself in your life? Simply because you allow it ....

My parents like to see my bank statements ... If I do not give them a money school that I can not be accepted as agreed. She just goes on. So I just do not show them those. Discussion finished. What do you want to do? The same with the tax return. You do that yourself and if you need help you can ask the parents.

That the whole family sits together at the weekend in the garden is in principle something nice - if you are not right then do you have to and your husband Something say - that you are explicitly involved in cake and coffee. Un unannounced then I have to ask you unfortunately - how did you want to go somewhere ...

I can not find it so abnormally with his parents daily on the phone - if it's okay then it's fits it . If you usually call daily and then not reported 1 week, then you take care of yourself as a parent. If calls is not reacted, then SchAc by personally. It could also happen something.


But your husband has also been very lazy and Beqquem and has been given to the best value for years. And now is it suddenly a problem? How can that be? - The parents will ask themselves.

The parents have become accustomed to "mothering" their son and make everything for him on all the rule of art and to take his self-employment.

They do not trust him, that he suddenly masters everything self-employed when the son is not over 30 years without Mamis and Papis help in life.

Do you realize the problem?

Your partner must how on the table and convince the parents from the opposite.


This seems to be a typical phenomenon of this generation (born in the forties).

wherein in your case is already an extreme example.

The task of your partner is it definitely to set limits.

Basically, his mother would need therapeutic help, but this will probably shy it like the devil the holy water.


Why does your man play there with? Do not give bank statements, make tax returns yourself and set up key. It lies on your husband to have his parents in the barriers.

Why are you mixing yourself so much in our lives?