Do I have to pay tax when I sell nude pictures?

2021-09-03 01:02:26 WILBUR

I want to sell my nude pictures on the internet. Do these additional income have to be taxed? If so, how are you done exactly?

If that plays a role: I am a student.


If you depend on the main profession up to, you may be able to achieve up to 410 euros per year by the freelance or commercial income, without taxes due (§ 46 (2) no. 1 EStG). ... You do not have to specify the additional income in the tax return and not pay taxes.

Do you make a tax return?


If you sell something to profit You have to register a trade. If there are artistic pictures, you have to register at the artistozialware.


It depends on the scope, ie the crowd and sales. Info you in the tax office in your area.


Yes It is taxable, WYou come with your profit or your income about the basic allowance.


Pretty sure you can not do that. But no, for the taxes of additional income, your age does not matter.

Do I have to pay tax when I sell nude pictures?