Is 50 old?

2021-09-03 04:04:35 ALEXANDRA


Subdivision of the World Health Organization (WHO) 1980

51-60 years of aging people

61-75 years of elderly

76-90 Years old people

Accordingly, 50 is by no means "old"

91-100 years of very old people over 100 years long-lasting


All view matter. With 15 I found 30 year old really old, now with soon 69 I find that 50 year old are quite young.


After all half a century, so old is not everyone. :-) Man is as young as you feel is my motto at the age of 60. ; -)


I am 17 and do not find. I find that you are old from 70 old.


That depends entirely by the viewer! With 25 is old, with 80 it is young! With 100 you do not know it anymore!

Is 50 old?