Swinging in court?

2021-09-03 05:03:59 TARA

I have a question can be sworn in Muslims from the court? Because we do not lie Muslims already if I swear to Koran


Of course, Muslims may be sworn in to court. It applies §64 (3) STPO:

(3) A witness to use as a member of a religious or commitment to use an assessment formula of this community, he can attach them to the oath.

Nobody puts the hand on the Bible / the Koran, but only the right hand is lifted:

(4) The swearing should raise the right hand in the oath performance.

Incidentally, the swearing is not concerned about divine assistance (Muslims swearing on the Koran can be just as lying as Christians who "swear" with God the Almighty "), but about the penalization with a wrong statement:

§153 StGB "Wrong Undeplic Statement" gives FRThree months of three months up to five years

§154 StGB "I mean" does not give rise to imprisonment under one year


is true, Taqiya is called. Is also in the Koran, Sure 3: 28.


Yes The judiciary must defend everyone who needs regardless of religion and origin


Everyone lies. Also Muslims. Regardless of whether you swear to a fairy tale book.

Swinging in court?