Is you killed as a gay vacationer in Iran?

2021-09-03 05:06:59 SOPHIE


Taking the risk is quite high. Nobody will ignore that. Sanctions in any form will definitely exist. With beating you have to calculate at least. Look in the Sharia, which stands there on the topic. That's exactly what will be done with you and your partner. If he is native, it could also be life-threatening.


to be killed is probably unlikely, but Handels would not be there as a gay couple ... where I ask myself anyway Why travels into a country and supported it financially, which violates my own worldview.


No. In addition, the sexual orientation is not in the passport or on the forehead.


do not drive. Historically, in Islam, it was very pleased to be pleased for men, but I know nothing more accurately. Ayatollah Khomeini should have allowed sex with animals. You have to battle the animal and must not use the meat, but you can sell it to another village. Islam realizes it that the man has to "empty" regularly. If he is not married, he can not do that with a girl who must remain virgin to marriage. So they take other possibilities, even little boys, because they have no virginity. I have read that by chance on the internet, but I do not know if that's true, much is there just nonsense.


As a foreigner you probably will not have any consequencesS have feared the state if you do not provoke.

Is you killed as a gay vacationer in Iran?