What do you think about Christian?

2021-09-03 08:00:52 MELISSA

The most famous virologist Germany.

He often was right with his predictions.

Gladly with justification.


I find him good choose 55%

I find him not good choose 45%


was a café with him. Had a really great conversation, but Dorsten is a full rottel.


He also said in the spring that we will have an incidence of 1000 and more in summer and we will not have a relaxing summer, which was not like that.

That the numbers are rising now and that we have too little vaccinated that everyone can say, there we do not need to do it.


is the type of pigripoe in 2010 as a pandemic Customized?

What has the government spent billions of vaccinations of vaccinations, which then landed on the garbage?


It is a panic driver and splitter!


Thank you for pretending your right answer. Most ask questions and grab thereafter the answers with the wrong ones. As you should do it all.

What do you think about Christian?