Are you for the cannabis legalization?

2021-09-03 08:03:42 RAMON

The scent of legalization is in the air.

Most parties have a legalization, or at least the determination of a minimum quantity in the election program, whereby the possession of an amount is not punished under this limit.

Whether the legalization is really likely is to doubt.

Nevertheless, there is a certain mood right now.

Are you for legalization?

Take a look.

Yes Choose 61%

No Choose 37%

How old are you? Write down below. Choose 2%


Here is the result quite clearly, hopefully there will soon be a referendum so that the people can decide the people yourself.


Am 31.

  1. Premise: The legal status has no measurable influence on the dissemination of a substance. Drug consumption takes place.
  2. Premises: Drug use is always associated with risks, even under ideal conditions. Some risks can be reduced with appropriate use. Residual risks remain always.
  3. Premise: Consumption of unregulated black market drugs is even more dangerous due to dubious business practices and unknown composition, as drug use under ideal conditions.
  4. Premise: Who is able toTo consume risk arm does not need protection by the state. Who is not able to help, can not be removed from consumption through a ban.

These four points are to be understood as a discussion basis.

️️ A legalization not only of cannabis, but all drugs seems to me. Through subject and situation-based education, as well as providing high-quality substances, the already held consumption could be made safer than it is now.

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to be observed that the damage and addiction potential of the respective substances should be considered in the manner of legalization. There isObligable and less questionable substances (no harmless!) which can be regulated accordingly.

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Cannabis belongs to The substances that are more easily regulated due to their comparable little damage potential.

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Simple model for regulating cannabis

HTTPS: // Schildower Circle .de / WP Content / Uploads / Corner Points-One-Cannabis Regulation-SK2019.pdf

Design of a Cannabis Control Law

    , from the Greens

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"Hello I have a question about the legalization of cannabis and although it changes from a crime For administrative offenses then that means eslegalis? "

That says the former police president of Münster Zur drug prohibition:

"Hubert Wimber Chairman Leap Germany" (~ 3 min.)


I would say yes

Most are responsible for themselves.

Besides, it just makes no sense to keep it illegally

The police wastes unnecessarily time with such a thing.

Besides, the fabric can also be stretched, which is not the Case would be legally available.

The state loses so unnecessary money and legalization would be an advantage for the state. At least economic.


You can not prevent it that is traded with cannabis and thus also take people cannabis. Mostly the fight brings nothing anyway and is therefore easyOnly a tax waste.

It is also known, the cannabis is not more dangerous or even more harmless than alcohol.

Cannabis will be added to all possible chemical shit or the like, which makes the stuff unnecessarily dangerous, it would be legalized, the state could at least monitor, which is in the cannabis for ingredients.


I am 16 years young, consume cannabis and am for legalization.

The stuff what to smoke on the road is terrible, with a legalization and delivery from 18/21 there would not be so bad stuff and children and adolescents difficult to get to the stuff ran.

would also be for cultivation for new varieties


Marshall Similarly compares cannabis with alcohol then it is quickly clear that a legalization or decriminalization is long overdue. I do not consume myself, but I know both sides and must always say the cannabis consumer the more pleasant goods. Good mood, funny, quiet and partially open for profound conversations. Alcohol exactly the opposite, usually only stupid stuff on speech, partly aggressive, uncontrolled and unrestrained embarrassing. In addition, alcohol depends quickly and we have tens of thousands (70000+) alcohol in Germany each year. By contrast, cannabis not a single one. In addition, Cannabis offers many positive properties in diseases, one would have a natural drug that could make a relief of the disease symptoms.

Are you for the cannabis legalization?