Your opinion on crop rod and ears in dogs?

2021-09-03 10:00:49 KATHRYN

And why are you / against it?

I'm clearly against it! In 99.9% of cases, people put their dog into a risky anesthesia (if the poor animal is put in anesthesia at all), cut off the ears and rod, just with the dog in their eyes "more beautiful" and more dangerous looks ... .

Sure, there are also cases where health is about the health, but this statement "I do that because the race tends to inflammation in the ear" just pisses me off. Early cultivate and finish. You can remove e.g. Dogs the conjunctivitis do not tend to be the eyes just because it could sometime that the dog gets a lit eye.

In addition, there are still the aspects that the dogs can no longer communicate. My bitch, for example, haremote from all cropped dogs, and is totally uncertain with encounters.

What do you think about it?

Am against crops of ears + rod choose 94%

I'm against crop

by rod choose 3%

other choose 3%

are 0% against cropping of ears Choose 0%

are against crop choose 0% in certain cases

Do not say so, look great from choose 0%

Have a neutral opinion Choose 0%


Hello, anonym123456680!

Luckily it was banned in Germany.

For me it is an animal food. You can not support something like that.

Of course, a medical necessity is excluded.

with animal greetings, renate.


One should leave the dog as he is of nature too. Certain body parts often have a specific purpose e.g. for orientation. You would not want to make the ears in a person's ears and I find that it looks much more beautiful if you do not do it with a dog.


I find it Although aesthetic, but it is and remains animal cruelty. The thought alone would be my dogs the ears SCHiding, I'm almost tears in my eyes. Of course, my dogs have no rod, from birth. I like that personally well, but never in life I would have credited them when they were born with rod.


I find this animal cruelty should be punished. One could convert the owners to the owners and something else.


In my eyes, the animal cruelty is and intentional personal injury, such a holder should be taken away and the holder sensitive to take responsibility.

Your opinion on crop rod and ears in dogs?