Question to the Homophoben?

2021-09-03 12:06:05 ALEX

Hello, I hope the question has the people who call themselves "normal" so ... what would your reaction see me (m / 13) and my friend (m / 14 and trans)?


Exception: You can say everything ... really everything ..


So I do not know if you are interested in my opinion because I'm not homophobic But ...

I think it's great if you are already in such an age. Since many of them would be embarrassing in your age and they would not stand too. Then good luck you still in the future.



I have fault what you do because I have nothing but you can do what you want.


I was homophobic and I would actually have thought of something like "ihh" etc., because it was unusual for me and I did not understand it.


So I have gonen homos but against shemale already. But what should I do for a maximum of a stupid look or so I can not smell Net who belongs to LGBTQ or net, I can see maximally


Honestly, do not give you this! Do not ask such people in your opinion! There is no one who loves you and how you want to be. Write "People, insulted me, you have a free train!". It runs out of such people.

Question to the Homophoben?