My child (9 weeks) makes me totally crazy?

2021-09-03 13:03:54 GERARDO

Hello people, I got off 9 weeks ago and the first 5-6 weeks everything was nice. But for a few weeks no child makes me crazy! She is just calm when she sleeps. If she is awake, she cries continuously, spits uninterruptedly - which is why she gets hungry again. It's just like a vicious circle. Scream, eat, spit, eat, scream.

I do not silence, she gets Hipp Pre Combiotik.
Sleep does it about like this: 0 o'clock - 8 o'clock, at noon 2-3x for 30-60min. When I am lucky she sleeps at noon 2h.

And somehow no one can help me? Neither my midwife nor her pediatrician .... I'm really at the end with my nerves. I do not even come to drink a glass of water and eat can be completely forgotten. AUßer my mom is there and looks shortly after her ..

I'm really patient with her but slowly I lose the mind.
I do not want to scream that I really hurt you so to hear / see but sometimes I can no longer and leave the room where she is briefly realized.

are parents / mamis / dadas Even such a phase - if yes like! ??


What you are writing as if you were completely overwhelmed. What I do not understand that obviously a doctor, a midwife and a mother are around you who are unable to notice your situation. You urgently need help - unfortunately I do not have time to answer.

You need to clarify why the little one spits so much. It's not OK . That can have so many different causes ..... Your midwife was urgently asked! Try to run a quiet conversation with her!


OJE ... Maybe she does not tolerate the milk? Have you already tried with another brand?

The spit should be clarified. Does she take care of it?

MA son has also spit a lot at the beginning, although I satisfied. After about four months this had been solved by itself. It just stopped.

Have you ever tried to wear it? Many children help with abdominal went a carrying cloth, or a suitable carrying aid. There they are nicely close to mom, the heartbeat calms you and the movements while walking massaging the butt.

Is there a screaming with you near you? Since you could also look for help.

And otherwise hold through! I know it's difficult, but that's all just a phase. After all, she seems quite good at night, so you can come to rest a bit.

My child (9 weeks) makes me totally crazy?