Difference between psychosomatic clinic and psychiatry?

2021-09-03 13:04:31 CLIFTON


What is the difference between a psychosomatic clinic and psychiatry? To get to the waiting list of the psychosomatic clinic, I still needed a psychological instruction and does not quite the difference.


In a psychosomatic clinic, lighter mental illnesses are treated with a patient's intentionalness. There are predominantly conversations in the use; It assumes that psychic problems lead to physical complaints.

In the psychiatric clinic, however, heavier mental illnesses are treated, often with unreasonableness or violence of patients; So-called mental ill or psychoticists. With predominantly medicines used. Conversations often do not take place as well.

In the treatment contract of the psychosomatic clinic, therefore, the following or similar statement is usually found: "Mental patients are not absorbed."


PsychosoMatik is either a psychic disease that has arisen by physical or elsewhere


a psychosomatic disorder should be a disease in which physical effects and diseases are appearing due to alleged or real "mental" problems . A hospital specializes in it.

In a psychiatric hospital, all alleged or real "mental" disorders are treated, also psychosomatic diseases.


SOMA = body

psyche = mind

Difference between psychosomatic clinic and psychiatry?