Why does she smile me random?

2021-09-03 19:01:24 CLINTON

Complete without context


I think she finds you sympathetic and waits you make the first step. If you find her nice, then smile and ask her if she feels like to eat an ice cream with you.


That can have different reasons, one of them is of course to flirt. Maybe she is just a very cheerful and friendly person and always smiles you, you can watch if you only do that with you or even with other people. Just smile and see what happens, maybe she dares to talk to you. Or if you are brave, you can just appeal to them. If she always smiled you, she would be sure about it, even if it is notForced to be in a romantic interest


  • Courtiness
  • She finds you sympathetic
  • You are ulcingly on you
  • She did not mean you, but had to think of something funny


She does not smile, but laughs out.

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Always cute - a unmeted Anglicism and a unmeted foreign word, such as "context".

Why does she smile me random?